Visiting Malcom Peth or popularly Mahabaleshwar

Bombay as a city has some magical elements in it. Be it the people the place and life, everything in here is one of a kind. And another great aspect about this Maximum City is its weekend getaways. So last weekend, my husband organised a trip to the mystic town of Mahabaleshwar. The drive down…… Continue reading Visiting Malcom Peth or popularly Mahabaleshwar

An evening abundant with memories

It was raining incessantly since evening and I was a bit apprehensive about my means of commute on such a scary night. No uber, no autos, no taxis were ready to take me and I was kind of freaking out. Suddenly a car stopped in front of me and I was truly vexed when an…… Continue reading An evening abundant with memories

Oh Magic Wand, My Magic Wand!

Give me a magic wand and I will… well I will be just confused as to what to wish for. There are so many things that I dream of, so many wants, wishes and desires, that for a while I am completely perplexed and just scratch my head. Do I wish for fancier clothes, jewellery,…… Continue reading Oh Magic Wand, My Magic Wand!

Reminiscences of my favourite city

Clear blue sky, white fluffy clouds floating over the sky and the dance of the kashphul across the field adjacent to my bedroom window! It’s autumn and days before the greatest festival for us Bengalis… I woke up on an all-important Monday morning with this dream. I live in Bombay now and this ‘maximum city’…… Continue reading Reminiscences of my favourite city

A little bit of Mr. Biswas in each one of us

Recently, I finished reading V.S. Naipaul’s A House for Mr Biswas. Being a person who considers books as closest of my friends, the tale made a good impression on me, coming from a master storyteller like Naipaul. Along with the fact that it was a wonderful read and dealt with a journalist’s life, the book…… Continue reading A little bit of Mr. Biswas in each one of us