The surreal night with its infinite charms

It was winter in Bombay then. Bombay winters, as everyone knows, are slightly frustrating; in the sense there is no real coldness. It’s more of a pleasant feeling everywhere. The weather is simply pleasing sans scenes of chattering of teeth, feeling of warm pullovers, snugness of beautiful nights tucked in warm quilts, basking in the…… Continue reading The surreal night with its infinite charms

A little bit of Mr. Biswas in each one of us

Recently, I finished reading V.S. Naipaul’s A House for Mr Biswas. Being a person who considers books as closest of my friends, the tale made a good impression on me, coming from a master storyteller like Naipaul. Along with the fact that it was a wonderful read and dealt with a journalist’s life, the book…… Continue reading A little bit of Mr. Biswas in each one of us

That unknown, untold, rain-kissed ride

The afternoon had started off nothing out of the ordinary. It was a lazy Sunday and my husband and me were returning after watching a movie at a nearby theatre. And then suddenly like a fairy tale came the rains. It was already time for the monsoons to hit the Bombay shores and luckily for…… Continue reading That unknown, untold, rain-kissed ride

Fair Enough?

Centuries back John Keats had created a flutter in our hearts with the line, “A thing of beauty is joy forever.” And our quest to be beautiful, to see beautiful and feel beautiful are on. Beauty is an elusive term which no one ever had an answer to, yet we are desperate to put words to define it.…… Continue reading Fair Enough?