The Sledge-Puller in Gulmarg

Arbaz is 14 years old. He is poor, illiterate and malnutritioned. However, in spite of the odds, he is the only earning member of his family, taking the responsibility of 7 other people. He is a sledge-puller living in a decrepit corner of jannat – Gulmarg, one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kashmir. And, it’s…… Continue reading The Sledge-Puller in Gulmarg

Conquering Kurla

One of the busiest Bombay suburbs, Kurla got its name from the East Indian village of Kurla. Well, if that doesn’t explain much, the village Kurla in turn originated from “Kurli”, the local name for crabs, which were found in plenty in marshes in this village. The first word that comes to mind when we think of Kurla is madness. The…… Continue reading Conquering Kurla