Live life for the sheer joy of it

Last Sunday I chanced upon a beautiful quote by an unknown author. My previous boss Monojoy had posted it on Facebook. It read, “I want to live simply. I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books I’ll never be tested on. I want to paint because I want to, not because…… Continue reading Live life for the sheer joy of it

That unknown, untold, rain-kissed ride

The afternoon had started off nothing out of the ordinary. It was a lazy Sunday and my husband and me were returning after watching a movie at a nearby theatre. And then suddenly like a fairy tale came the rains. It was already time for the monsoons to hit the Bombay shores and luckily for…… Continue reading That unknown, untold, rain-kissed ride

The Final Departing

You could have called her a celeb! There were endless debates on the events of her life. Her ailments became national news. And finally her death grabbed the headlines everywhere be it newspapers, TV channels or social media. Well, what a life! Yes what a life when one had to spend it in a vegetative state for…… Continue reading The Final Departing

Osama – The Man Behind The Devil

Osama Bin Laden – a name that had evoked terror amongst the hearts of millions and still does. More than fear it was a sense of hatred. And it weren’t the non-Muslims who cursed the man. He was despised by the Muslims as well since because of him people the world over started misunderstanding the entire Muslim…… Continue reading Osama – The Man Behind The Devil

Fair Enough?

Centuries back John Keats had created a flutter in our hearts with the line, “A thing of beauty is joy forever.” And our quest to be beautiful, to see beautiful and feel beautiful are on. Beauty is an elusive term which no one ever had an answer to, yet we are desperate to put words to define it.…… Continue reading Fair Enough?

The Sledge-Puller in Gulmarg

Arbaz is 14 years old. He is poor, illiterate and malnutritioned. However, in spite of the odds, he is the only earning member of his family, taking the responsibility of 7 other people. He is a sledge-puller living in a decrepit corner of jannat – Gulmarg, one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kashmir. And, it’s…… Continue reading The Sledge-Puller in Gulmarg

Conquering Kurla

One of the busiest Bombay suburbs, Kurla got its name from the East Indian village of Kurla. Well, if that doesn’t explain much, the village Kurla in turn originated from “Kurli”, the local name for crabs, which were found in plenty in marshes in this village. The first word that comes to mind when we think of Kurla is madness. The…… Continue reading Conquering Kurla