The birth of a Newborn

In my first glimpse, you came across as a doll I came closer only to realise you were a rounded human ball. You were sleeping silently as angles do I peeped closer and kept staring even though I had no intention to. A sudden commotion woke you up and made you cry It was my chance to hear…… Continue reading The birth of a Newborn

The summer of 1998

It was a year of intense summer. The scorching heat of the sun, the parched earth and how the summer is making lives insufferable were topics discussed and debated. There were multiple economic issues bothering the nation. Nuclear bomb-test explosions, what’s famously called Pokhran II created a furore the world over. India had finally arrived…… Continue reading The summer of 1998

The Vilified Verdict

Prologue It was a sultry March morning in 1993. After the pleasantness of winter was over, the weather was getting towards being nasty. It was still months to go before monsoon to set in. It was a Friday and the air carried the lightness of the approaching weekend. There was a glint of happiness on…… Continue reading The Vilified Verdict