Will that time ever come?

Will, there ever come a time when I’ll open my eyes to a clear blue sky  The chirping of birds early in the morn  The slow cool breeze of the dawn… Will there come a time when the first look of my day will be at you? The careless strands of your hair all over…… Continue reading Will that time ever come?

Living with the choices we make

We all make choices; the tough part is to live with them. These words baffled me, made me think and ponder again and again, over my life, my realisations. These are the words from a movie that made an impact on my mind like none other in many months – The Words. It was Bradley…… Continue reading Living with the choices we make

What to name it?

What do you call that thing when you think about a person all the time What do you call that emotion which overpowers all your formerly built resolve What do you call that feeling which keeps you awake at night What do you call that passion which even in the harshest hours makes you dream Well, you may call…… Continue reading What to name it?

Hunting Happiness

She always planned for happiness.She perpetually pined for it…She always thought she would get it. She yearned for happiness She dreamed about it She had long tales glorifying it But alas happiness eluded her once and for all The harder she sought, the faster it disappeared.She looked right, it went left, She looked left, it raced ahead. Perplexed, confused and deluded like…… Continue reading Hunting Happiness

An evening abundant with memories

It was raining incessantly since evening and I was a bit apprehensive about my means of commute on such a scary night. No uber, no autos, no taxis were ready to take me and I was kind of freaking out. Suddenly a car stopped in front of me and I was truly vexed when an…… Continue reading An evening abundant with memories