The birth of a Newborn

In my first glimpse, you came across as a doll I came closer only to realise you were a rounded human ball. You were sleeping silently as angles do I peeped closer and kept staring even though I had no intention to. A sudden commotion woke you up and made you cry It was my chance to hear…… Continue reading The birth of a Newborn

The dance of life and death in Masaan

What’s a good film? It’s the one that makes us think and think hard. It makes us lose ourselves from our known environs and transports us to a land unknown. It makes us reflect, ponder and become one with the characters. It leaves an indelible impression on us that stays on for a while.  Masan…… Continue reading The dance of life and death in Masaan

Living with the choices we make

We all make choices; the tough part is to live with them. These words baffled me, made me think and ponder again and again, over my life, my realisations. These are the words from a movie that made an impact on my mind like none other in many months – The Words. It was Bradley…… Continue reading Living with the choices we make

The Undefined Mind

Why it pains the heart to love someone Why the heart aches at the thought of the special one Why it feels the world is coming to an end at the vexation of the one Why the mind goes back again and again to beautiful times spent together Times that seem blissfully pleasant, Days that…… Continue reading The Undefined Mind

Home, when shall I cease to regret thou!

Life is a box of surprises and unexpected events. Quite surprisingly, things that we least anticipate happen to us and we are left wondering at the travesty of the entire situation. And the course of the events becomes so strange that we are left to conjecture how or why it all happened. But at the…… Continue reading Home, when shall I cease to regret thou!