The dance of life and death in Masaan

What’s a good film? It’s the one that makes us think and think hard. It makes us lose ourselves from our known environs and transports us to a land unknown. It makes us reflect, ponder and become one with the characters. It leaves an indelible impression on us that stays on for a while.  Masan…… Continue reading The dance of life and death in Masaan

The birthday gift

She could be called the quintessential Bong beauty by all possible standards. Always to be found with a cheerful disposition, Sanjana was one woman who was friends with everyone. Be it the fisherwoman’s mother-in-law, the neighbour’s two-year-old son or the renowned industrialist’s chic wife – everyone was her close friend. Married at a considerable young…… Continue reading The birthday gift

The Vilified Verdict

Prologue It was a sultry March morning in 1993. After the pleasantness of winter was over, the weather was getting towards being nasty. It was still months to go before monsoon to set in. It was a Friday and the air carried the lightness of the approaching weekend. There was a glint of happiness on…… Continue reading The Vilified Verdict