The kiss of green on the English soil

I looked out, and the greenery came as a surprise 
A welcome relief when life’s turmoils were at a rise

Something soothing was there about the colour 
Like the peace that prevails after a skirmish of valour 

I could see the meadows at a stretch 
Laden with simplicity that nature can only fetch 

The lucidity of an unspoken charm 
The comfort of a hearth that’s still warm 

It was all there and way more, wherever I could see 
Like the pages of a fairy tale that a child opens with glee

And tucked within those nature’s bountiful opulence 
I could see houses that I had read of in Hansel and Gratel 

Shaped like a hut, they iwere often brown in colour 
Making me think how quaint life must be in there 

It was the serene wonder that took my breath away 
The air breathed a calmness on which I could pen an essay 

And up above the green trees were the lonely clouds 
Stately and soothing, they floated by, a tad proud…

But the best came when the sun was up on the sky 
The golden rays seemed to be bursting out without a try 

Like blessings from the God Almighty 
Like love which comes with a rare purity

I let Nature sweep me over 
And soak in the pleasure to last me forever…

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