Will there come a time?

Will there come a time I can have you for my own 
Spend an evening sipping tea all alone 

Sans the disquiet, sans the  hullabaloo,
No efforts of artifice to make an impact or to woo…

A strange stillness will accompany us,
A silence that comes with beauty without any fuss 

That day there won’t be anything to hide
No efforts to stifle moments that come with the rising tide 

I can lie unabashed in your arm
Fearless and complete and strangely warm

That day you won’t leave me to go away to another
That day you’ll be with me in this world as well as the other 

The pangs of today will turn into the thrills of tomorrow
As I will have the promise of your presence in joy as well as sorrow 

Can it happen that my dreams of today can be real one day?
Like hopes that sprinkle in with the morn’s sunny rays…

Like the faith a child has on his father,
Like the gush of water that braves the heights to fall into the comforts of the river 

Who knows what can happen tomorrow
I know not yet pin my hopes on a power that can tide all sorrow…

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