The birth of a Newborn

In my first glimpse, you came across as a doll 
I came closer only to realise you were a rounded human ball.

You were sleeping silently as angles do 
I peeped closer and kept staring even though I had no intention to.

A sudden commotion woke you up and made you cry 
It was my chance to hear your voice even as I didn’t try 

A faint cry you gave out, small and muffled 
You wailed and protested and your hair got ruffled.

Yes yes yes you had pretty hair 
Prettier than anything, which came in layers…

But the best were your fingers,
Nimble and adorable, I stared at them till my vision could linger…

I so wished to hold them, take them in mine 
And never let go even though you  would whine…

And who would as well?
After all in you God only dwells…

Even though you could hardly open your eyes 
I saw through them the promise of a world, sans the lies…

This is the Beginning…
As I stood by there with my Blessing, 
I could hear the church bells kept on Ringing…

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