Victory after a thousand strife

It was a rainy day when you came into my life,
It was a feeling of victory after a thousand strife.

As the rains poured thick and strong…
The trees danced as if there was nothing wrong.

The children splashed in the rainy puddle
The earth seemed in its rustic way to dazzle.

Again the sky got completely overcast
The clouds seemed ready for its greatest onslaught…

Just like being overcome with thoughts of you
I slowly realise all that’s left of me is pure and true.

And as soon as I feel it’s time to move on with life
You come back to me like the peace that comes after a thousand strife…

I look out and see that beautiful rainbow outside
And I realise my passion for you is moving ahead of the rising tide.

I close my eyes, I see you,
I open my eyes and I wish to see you.

The rains cease but the calm lingers on
The hey days might be over, but the love lives on…

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