Playing The Hues of Love

It is the hue of happiness you drench me with
It is the colour of love you paint me with 
Red, blue, green splash on me 
You smear every emotion seamlessly…
As you blend colours all over me, I am happy
To be transformed by you colourfully
The magic is there in each stroke every moment 
As you paint a canvas over me, it feels like a torrent.
With one touch I am all red 
Hungry, as if never been fed.
If ever your mind drifts far and wide 
Green comes over me as if in a tide 
The days you are miffed,
Blackness from all over seeps in,
The tranquil calmness of the blue sea is over me 
As you ride me to that magical land overpoweringly…
I am left spent with the colours of rainbow and a lot more 
As you take me to the top and thrash me back on the shore…

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