Finding YOU

Was it an accident that you walked into my life? 
Probably yes I might think for a while. 
Is it magic that all which you’ve woven into my life is a miracle?
And why not when each moment spent with you is nothing short of a spectacle…
It’s true that life’s ups and downs don’t cease 
But with you I know I can smoothen every crease…
Probably it’s nothing more than a ray of hope,
Maybe I am trying too hard to hold on to my saving rope 
And what’s the harm if it’s indeed so?
It’ll keep me alive amidst life’s harshest throes. 

When I stumble upon a stone 
I might cry sitting alone…
I know you won’t come to dry my tears 
When I win I know you won’t be the first one to say cheers…
Yet I know not what’s that tug 
That’s more comforting than granny’s old rug…

And I know that’s what helps me hold onto you 
Like the sound of the falling dew?
Do you know what are raindrops to the parched earth?
Ever felt the untold comfort of a warm hearth?
Sipped that warm mocha on a thunderstruck night?
The feelings are much more than all that when you hold me tight. As my love glows brighter for you with every passing day,
I feel thankful to the Lord for the beautiful golden rays.

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