Living with the choices we make

We all make choices; the tough part is to live with them. These words baffled me, made me think and ponder again and again, over my life, my realisations. These are the words from a movie that made an impact on my mind like none other in many months – The Words. It was Bradley Cooper whose presence in the film attracted me to it initially. But the entire movie had such a powerful impact that I was left wondering what exactly was the element, which had such a deep-rooted impact in me.

Probably it was the identification of the struggles that the protagonist went through in the film. Rory a budding writer craved to set about his thoughts in fiction and make it into a work of art. Tired with multiple trials he got restless as is the plight with most budding authors. The film goes back and forth into the past and the present. Rory’s story blends with the story of his life and brings about a brilliant juxtapose.

A scene from the film The Words

But Rory does something that brings about a sudden twist in the plot. He copies another man’s tale and, in a way, steals away the glory that was or perhaps not meant for him. He tastes success, but everything in life comes with a price. As is said in the film, every man, in the end, has to sleep at night. He forever lives in the shadow of a book he had copied and always telling himself he could never be as good. His tribulations become even more tormenting when he gets confronted with the man who had penned the words that Rory passed off as his. An old worn-out fellow, who had once been a lively youth full of jocosity. He confronts Rory not to steal away the latter’s unjust glory or to wean away some comforts that material possessions offer. He tells the words that again have such a deep impact on me – ‘you can never steal away a part of a man’s life and pass it off as your own. ‘The struggles, the pain, the happiness had given birth to the words that breathed brilliance in the book. When you take the fame, you also can’t escape the pain.’

It’s so true and relevant in all our lives. We work hard for success, and dream for every opulence, forgetting that everything in life comes with a price. A must-watch for those who do a bit of soul-searching often and more.

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