Hunting Happiness

She always planned for happiness.
She perpetually pined for it…
She always thought she would get it. 
She yearned for happiness 
She dreamed about it 
She had long tales glorifying it 
But alas happiness eluded her once and for all 
The harder she sought, the faster it disappeared.
She looked right, it went left, 
She looked left, it raced ahead. 
Perplexed, confused and deluded like never before she broke down 
She cried her heart out after her failure to seek happiness. 
She tried to figure out what went wrong,
How she managed to fail in all her attempts,
She thought she would stop to seek for it 
Isn’t that’s what the pundits predict?
What is not sought after, it’s for sure achieved.
Days passed and nights and happiness continued being elusive.
She went to her preacher to seek the answers 
This man with a saintly face, who appeared he knows it all. 
He promised to give her this elusive thing that she asked for 
And just as he was about to grant her the gift, 
He asked her the meaning of the thing 
She started thinking and she did think hard 
Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours. 
She was baffled, she was confused. 
Intrigued she realised she actually didn’t know what happiness is.

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