The scent of autumn

The chirping of those unknown birds woke me up that morn,
The sang, they danced, they signalled that it’s finally autumn.
Difficult though it was, I woke up from my slumber,
Only to realise that it’s sunny outside sans the rain & thunder.

The lush green fields and the dance of the kash
Oh, and my heart skipped a beat as I realized it’s that mash.
The season has come when happiness is in store
The time is here when there will be joys galore.

Soon the drum beats will fill up the place
And everyone will step out in new clothes full of grace.
And, why not? After all, Ma Durga is all set to arrive
And, we’re all happy and rave.

The markets are overflowing with one and all
Latest patterns and modern designs have made the tailors all jovial.
But the parlours are the most crowded among all,
They are filled with fancy ladies, all set to enthral.

While young Romeos are busy gearing up for the race
When they can win over their favourite with their waiting to hit on their Chamiyas.
The children are gleefully looking forward to their happy days,
When without books and admonitions, they can just be in a dreamy daze.

And far away from the fancy land, sitting at a lone office,
Someone’s pretending to work, work really hard,
Shutting out the music, the breeze and the magical drum beat,
But nostalgia is hard to get rid of, hard to resist.

And so all I can do sitting miles apart from my favourite city,
Is write about my beloved Durga Pujo with all possible jocosity.


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