When my Why has an Answer

I have always been an ardent fan of Maya Angelou. I feel she is one giant of a woman, when she talks of women’s rights, forthrightness, self-worth, emotions and then again what it is to be alive and kicking in this world, with a smiling face.

Recently, I read one of her love quotes online and that triggered a chain of thoughts in my mind.

This expression led me to pen a few thoughts on that overpowering emotion, which overwhelms mostly all of us, at least once or more than once in our lives, the emotion that we often term as LOVE!


When I know Why

Why I like looking at him, I know not,

What I stare at those intense eyes I know not.

Why I feel happy when that autumn breeze ruffles through his hair,

And leaves that carefree expression on his face?

Well, I seriously don’t know that!

But all I know that…

When desolation creeps in through tired afternoons,

When life seems to be just scenes of monochrome,

I realise the worth of those stares,

The warmth of those expressions.

I pat my back at my discretion.

Thank God, I have him in my life,

Thank God his thoughts are there,

To fill up my mundane days and tense nights.

Do I care that I don’t have him only for myself?

Does it bother me that his thoughts are all I have for myself?

Hell, no!

I think therefore I am.

I think of Him and therefore He is.

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