The girl who made my life a fairytale

There are people who walk into our lives and then walk out.
There are people who never walk in but simply pass by with the torrents of time.
And then, there are people who walk into our lives for good and make it a fairy-tale.

And, when it comes to fairy-tales, she is the one I can think of.

Chirpy like no one else, bubbly like few would have seen, splendid like most haven’t ever imagined. And she is one more thing as well – enigmatic. Even after being with her for years, she is someone I cannot fathom, hard might I try. After several failures to understand her in person, this is my attempt to capture her in verse.


Hail to thee, my Lady!

Laugher that sounds like a flowing cascade
Her persona is such that few can comprehend.
The dimpled cheeks, the to-die-for eyes, the magical grace,
This lady is someone who has everything that needs to fascinate.

Her smile is infectious, her excitement is contagious,
When she is in high spirits she is all set out for the kill.

Is this person for real?
Can such a person actually exist?
Well, she is none other than My Lady of infinite charms.

Are there times in my life that are depressing?
Are there moments, which are disheartening?
Well, indeed there are and lots and lots of them.
But a call from the Lady and my life is all sunshine.

The way she loves, the way she cries, the way she cares,
Are one-of-a-kind.
One of her rare charms is that she can laugh…
And make one and all laugh along.

But my Lady is quite a fussy soul,
And oftentimes chooses her cosy corner over the sundry crowd.
But once she chooses her company,
Once she decides to shower her affections,
Well, there is certainly no looking back.

Am I her chosen one?
Well, that’s quite hard to say,
Hard as it is to go to Mars and discover humankind
Tough is to unravel the secret of my Lady’s mind.

But if you ask me or my mind,
All I can say is…
Be it afternoon or evening, night or day,
‘I need to spend my life with Sinjini,’ is all I can say.

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