‘A Little Bit of Heaven’… A Little Bit of Life

‘Life is God’s precious gift to humans.’

‘Life is beautiful.’

‘Life is fascinating.’

‘Life is short.’

‘Life is running fast.’

‘Never cry, never crib.’

These are oft-repeated statements and we talk about them with friends only to forget about their essence the very next day.

‘A Little Bit of Heaven’ showed exactly this and a lot more. In a wonderfully real performance, Kate Hudson played her part with precision when it came to portraying the protagonist – an advertising professional at the peak of her life, who gets diagnosed with colon cancer. It’s not a unique storyline, it’s not a plot that can boast of being completely original, but the treatment and the ingenuity of how the subject was executed, made all the difference.

The film shows how the protagonist receives the news, the bravery she displays in accepting the reality, the decisions she takes regarding her treatment, the fight she goes through in overcoming her long-standing reserve to fall in love and finally accepting death as the inevitable reality of life.

Again, I do not mean to review this film in any which way. All I intend to do is take the cue from this film and reflect on my own life perhaps.

Am I not a person who often feels burdened by life’s challenges, at many junctures? Even when I have so much, do I not crib about those that I do not have? The film dawned on me the realization once again that life is indeed beautiful, and life is indeed short. Anything can happen to any one of us any time. So life is a place to shed a tear for love, rather than for pain, run for a cause, rather than running away from problems.

We all know these truths of life but films like theses help to awaken our understandings and strengthen our resolve to love life all over again.

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