Seeking solace with ‘Sense & Sensibility’

Worn out with city life? Tired of running around ceaselessly? Looking forward to solace amidst the din of urban space? Well, instead traveling to a countryside, recently a refreshing film transported me to the green meadows, greener pastures, thunderous skies, menacing clouds, unrelenting rains, and certainly a beautiful storyline. The film was none other than ‘Sense & Sensibility’ based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen.

Set in Victorian England, the film took me to a land of immense abundance and unadultrated beauty. Nature seemed bountiful like never before. Every frame seemed more fascinating than the other and that was not only because of the talented and pretty Emma Thomson and the gorgeous Kate Winslet, and an interesting plot. Nature had a pivotal role to play in taking my breath away.

When I saw the lush greenery, I felt like getting out amidst the bushes, when I saw uninterrupted stretches of meadows, I wanted to run along them, when I saw the ceaseless rains, I wanted to run into it and get drenched like never before. Every shot, every frame was immensely soothing to the eyes. I understand, the interesting, but at times a little bit predictable plot and brilliant performances ensured the film will stand out among the audiences, but for me the Nature in the film deserves maximum accolades.

People who day in and day out struggle in the urban space, yearning to look for one such Nature’s indulgences, will surely find the film one-of-a-kind. There might be instances where one might get overcome by the storyline, which based on the psyche of the Victorian era, might appear a tad slow-paced with concepts that do not hold true for today’s times, but the execution makes all the difference and then again Nature takes the theme of events in the film to a whole new level altogether.

Every time I yearned to join the girls, as they took strolls along the bushes, I wanted to be by Kate Winslet’s side as she gets lost in the rains, climb up the treehouse, read the atlas like Kate’s sister, speed on horses, racing against the winds and never feel a sense of fatigue ever.

So when you want to opt for a movie that can give you respite from the daily vagaries of life, trust a movie that can act a balm to your soul, offer a respite that’s hard to find in the urbane cityscape. Truly, it’s sense and sensibility for the many parched souls, who seek to live the magic of Nature’s indescribable charms.


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