Wishes at the dawn of a New Year

It’s a new year – a time for new beginnings, new promises, and new hopes. The year that’s gone by had been good, sometimes not so good, yet what it gave us was the learning that would help us lead our lives in this New Year as wiser and more mature individuals.

A New Year is a beckon of newer opportunities; a new dawn for a brighter day ahead, a clean slate to set the records straight. There is hope in the air, a promise of a brighter tomorrow when things will be better and brighter.

No matter how the year turns out to be, the beginning of a year gives us the optimism to wish for things to be right, events to go well and happiness to prevail. Now that a fresh start to another year is here, here there are a whole lot of things I wish from life.

In this year I wish to get better hair. Now this sounds crazy, because tresses are something that’s inborn and no matter how hard one tries, one is born with it. But when I say I want to get better hair, I mean I wish to take care of my hair more and opt for measures that would lead to less hair loss, resulting in improved hair condition.

Lately, I am reading much less than I used to. I give the excuse to myself that I am very tied up with my day-to-day activities so failing to give time to my books. This year I want to change that about myself, because I am aware that excuses are exercised by weak minds and I need to find out time when I can read more extensively. There is a vast ocean of knowledge out there and I am left with the limited time-frame of just a lifetime. So in this span I just cannot afford to remain ignorant. I wish to promise myself this, with the dawn of yet another year.

When the time is here of new promises and new beginnings, I wish to emerge as a kinder and nicer human being. I want to do away with all my failings and cruelties and become more accepting as a person. Rather than being a mean person I want to become someone who is more forgiving and less complaining about others.

This year I want to adopt a puppy. I already have Tatun in my life and spending time with him gives me a kind of rare happiness that I cannot get elsewhere. This year I want to bring home another fur baby and be responsible enough for his well-being. Merely adopting a pup is not enough. Many people bring puppies home and then get so tied up in life that they fail to give those innocent babies the time, attention and love that they require. I want to bring a pup home this new year and promise myself to be able to give sufficient time to him or her.

Another wish that I have is to travel more and more places in this year. There is so much to see, so much to explore that I need to step out and explore the world at large. I wish to travel with people and I wish to discover unknown places even alone. I want to make solo trips to terrains that I had been apprehensive about previously.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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