Goodbye 2017


The year is coming to an end. It’s a moment of nostalgia for many of us – time to reflect and ponder how the year went by. Everyone had moments of highs and lows. After a year has gone by we are left with how to welcome the coming year as better and kinder souls.

I have had my share of good and bad events in 2017, but whatever they were; I feel all the highs and lows helped me emerge as a more enriched person.

My first takeaway will be that love conquers everything in life. No matter how difficult the situation might be, if handled with love, it helps to conquer every possible discrepancy. And this love can add a sense of strength, a value to a sense of morality, which is essential for sustenance in life.

My second learning is that spirituality comes way ahead of religiosity and that reflection I gained from a very simple yet substantial TV show on spiritual guru Ramkrishna Paramhansa. My mother happens to be an ardent follower of the show and quite causally one day I started watching it and slowly got engrossed. The understanding and learning I gained from the show helped me look beyond the loopholes and failings of a not-so-impressive production quality and get the essence of Ramkrishna. I became a regular visitor to Ramkrishna Mission at Khar in Bombay, and realised how true happiness can be gained by helping others rather than doing things to benefit oneself.

My third learning is that whatever is destined to happen in this world occurs and no one has the right or power to change that. There were moments in my life when I struggled to achieve many things that I felt were within my grasp. There were events or situations that I felt would turn out in a certain direction, but they didn’t. Quite surprisingly I had this learning that whatever is destined to happen, finally takes place and no one ever has a hand to change whatever is destined.

My fourth learning can sound very trivial but extremely essential for me. I had very bad skin for nearly two years of my life. I had no clue how things were turning out of my hand. I tried every possible way to sort things and improve my skin but nothing seemed to work. Then a friend’s suggestion introduced me to a doctor whose magical touch helped me improve my skin quite considerably. I saw quite surprisingly those who always chastised me for my skin and seemed to be absolutely sympathetic and concerned for my condition, didn’t show any kind of appreciation when the tables turned. This situation made me realise that in this world people are there to point out your loopholes but not to shower praises. The appreciation can only be expected from the close ones. Usually the world is a harsh place where people will merely be out there for criticisms.

My last learning is a lot to do with my nature. By nature I am very laidback and quite lazy as a person. I realised that with a little bit of push and change in my attitude, I can achieve a lot of things in this life and in the end feel good about the new me. We need people and perspectives in life that help us to step out of the rut and then we can surprise ourselves with our own achievements.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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