Helplessly in love

Has it ever happened that you have loved anyone like crazy? Have you ever felt the pangs of this powerful emotion so badly that it seemed the world will fall apart without the loved one in your life? Had the feeling been so intense that you did not mind letting go of your dignity on the face of such an emotion? Well, if the answer is yes, you will surely understand how it feels to finally get thwarted in that kind of love. The world seems desolate with everything barren and dry. Even the biggest of accomplishments, greatest of places fail to evoke the most natural happy feelings in the mind. Even when everything else is perfect, there seems to be something amiss in it all.

Well, being sad, heartbroken and depressed might be very profound manifestations of being in love. If one cannot love the other with that much of intensity and passion, then what is use of loving at all? One can very well go and start farming in the fields with that much of energy and vehemence.

So if you have to love someone, do that like crazy, no matter whether you are at a winning or losing end. Perhaps in the relationship, you have everything to lose and only have to sacrifice yourself now and then, but still do it. Love is this only thing in life where it’s okay not to barter your gains, comforts and priorities. It’s the only place where it’s okay not to hesitate to say sorry, to make the first move, to walk an extra mile, to be at the losing end. But remember all these at the end of the day won’t make you feel defeated or lost out but will give an added happiness, a feeling that cannot ever be measured by any means, a logic that cannot be fathomed by any sense.

However, all said and done, you need to find out first whether your love is being showered upon a person who loves you at all or not. Is it that the person is a selfish creep, who is merely using you and taking undue advantage of your niceness, or someone who cares for you but has got a different style of expressing it? You have to put the other one on this crucial test and depending upon the result you can continue with your emotions for the cherished one.

And once into the entire groovy emotional journey, remember not to follow any set rules. Norms, laws, dos and don’ts be damned for all you care. Just love and go with what your heart tells you to. Relationship goals, rules, patterns differ in varied couples and so it’s very easy to steer along the way with the call of your heart. But just be careful of one thing, this is a lesson I too learnt and learnt it the hard way – never take the other one for granted. Taking one for granted can ruin the essence of a loving relationship, bring in bitterness and eventually take your loved one far and far away from you. Ill behaviour can be tolerated once, twice, perhaps 10 times even, but there comes a time when there is no other way but to stand up for one’s dignity and it’s this time when you will realise the intensity of your mistake.

In that case be ready to put in that much of extra effort and keep your dose of perseverance and persistence intact in order to win the person back with all your love, affection and care, from the verge of almost getting thwarted.

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