Hail to Mother India!

It’s funny how every year during Independence Day or Republic Day, we become strangely patriotic and start pondering about our country’s greatness. I have seen this phenomenon happening every year. But when the day arrives, people mostly are busy planning how best to spend a holiday on Independence Day or Republic Day. At best they watch a movie with patriotic fervour on TV.

To be very honest, I too am one among the crowd. I become overjoyed to get a holiday on the very day. And like the rest do nothing to better the state of my country.

But no matter how much ungrateful we are about our own nation, our country embraces everyone without a bias. And that’s what I feel is a wonderful thing about our nation.

People of other countries take immense pride in their nationality. Indians stay away from such proclamations. And why not? Most of the time we Indians are planning which country in the world to settle in. Even Canada, a land of extreme weather conditions, is preferable to us than our own country.

We have no pride to be born as Indians, all we want in life is a Green Card, all we aspire for is a job abroad. We might suck at regional languages, but as long as we are good in English, nothing else matters. We tend to forget our own cultures, traditions or rituals, but as long as we remember the Western way of living we are absolved of all the crimes. But our country never shuns us no matter how mean we be to her. Foreign lands might hurl, us but we do have the cushioning of our own land to prevent us from a massive thud. I love this about our country – how she embraces everyone with open arms.

If there is a war or some unrest in our neighbouring countries, if there is a political turmoil happening anywhere, India will not hesitate to reach out and offer a helping hand. And that hand is offered even to our arch rival Pakistan. And along with this comes the steady flow of refugees. We don’t have enough resources for ourselves, but whatever we have we share. I love this quality about our country. We are poor, funny, crazy but there is a beautiful rhythm in that craziness and that’s what makes the Indians so very endearing.

Probably this is what that makes my heart swell with pride when I think of my country.

There is one more thing that I am proud about when it comes to my country and that’s Indian Army. When I was younger I used to find the armed forces a highly elite sect. I wanted to befriend army kids since I found them a smart lot. But now I truly understand the essence of the armed forces. Their contribution and sacrifice help us be who we are yesterday, today and tomorrow. Many a times their sacrifices go unsung, the rest of the country remains unaware of their contributions, but they never forget to, struggle for us, fight for us, die for us. Hail to those brave souls! Jai Jawan! Jai Hind!



3 thoughts on “Hail to Mother India!

  1. I agree with you.Independence Day or Republic Day is more like a holiday for me as well. But as long as we are serving our country for the rest 364 days in our own ways, it doesn’t really matter even if we sit idle inside our homes on 5th August or 26th January.
    We may not join our brave brothers fighting for our country in the borders, but still we can make our contribution to make a better India everyday by behaving nicely with everyone we meet without judging his religion/caste , keep our area clean , pay due respect to our seniors. There are more such other ways we can think about.
    These small efforts can improve and take India to a much stronger position in the world than what it is today.


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