Oh My Fair Lady!


I disliked her the moment I saw her first. It’s the common introduction to many beautiful love stories. And, so is it for my story on friendship, which after all, is a very special love story indeed.

Snooty, dolled up bitch – my first thoughts on Priyanka when she stepped into our office. Deep down I abhorred the way she talked, the way she laughed, the way she carried herself. Now I ask why, and my heart tells me today that probably I was jealous, insecure and actually a snooty bitch myself and so that’s why. I didn’t spare a chance to talk ill of her. And when others spoke against her they couldn’t have ever found a livelier audience than me. And, the funny part was, Priyanka was aware of everything yet was nice to me. But this made no difference to me whatsoever, and I kept being mean, looking for occasions to make her feel low and miserable.

What happened then, how did it all change? And, now today on the occasion of Friendship Day, when I have to pen down my thoughts on that special friend, why am I writing about her only? I have many other people in my life who are wonderful to me and we are great friends, but my thoughts go back to my pretty darling Priyanka Ghosh, who came to my life like an Angel from the Heaven.

Priyanka is a girl with extraordinary charms. A cute and sweet girl who has earned every right to be called a Diva in the truest sense of the word – well, that’s her. When I heard her stories of struggle in an unknown city, far away from home, tears came to my eyes. She told me how every morning she ran her way to the railway station, lest goons catch her in the wee hours of the morning, before sunlight had even brightened the day. One meal a day and her job hunt was on. Along with that she had to bear taunts of her relatives who couldn’t have been nastier. Could she have spared the ordeal? Well, yes. Asking her parents for money would have easily smoothened the crevices. But her immense self-respect was a big impediment in that direction. After all, she was putting up this brave fight for the love of her life, much against the wishes of her parents. The fair lady could have had a much cushioned life nestled in fancy corners of the world had she been tame enough to follow the footsteps recommended by her parents to choose an NRI husband. But Priyanka wanted to establish her own foothold in this world and choose the man she had given her heart to.

Did I change my mind about disliking her after listening to her fearless tales? Well yes that’s one reason. But there were others as well. I remember a time, at the peak of my nastiness towards her, when I had sprained my ankle. She didn’t harbour any animosity towards me and offered me all possible help. I didn’t wish for any assistance from her but her gentleness and niceties took me over. I believe that day was the turning point in my life. From an adversary I found a friend, a mate I could bank upon seamlessly and at juncture could rely upon more than myself. Younger to me by several years, Priyanka has often impressed me with her sense of maturity, presence of mind, quick wit, dedication, perseverance and certainly her dazzling good looks.

I don’t know how, but slowly the girl who I resented so much became one of the most essential elements of my life. Venting our hatred against the boss, getting ourselves pierced, playing truant from office, getting decked up to the point of being embarrassed, awwwing every morning at doggy pictures, sharing darkest secrets over drinking sessions, we have done it all and much more. And, our craziness continues. Her best line is ‘We are a pack.’

What’s amazing about her is that she has never hesitated to speak her mind to me even at the cost of hurting me initially. Much later did I realise those harsh honest words were for my well-being itself. I can never thank her enough for the way she pushes me to do things for greater glory in life. For a person whose greatest vice is procrastination, such a friend is certainly a godsend.

Today we do not work in the same office. We do not meet every day. We do not talk every day. We do not laugh at the same jokes every day. We do not cry at the same tales every day. However, as everyone blessed with true friendships know, distance and time have never been impediments to true friendships.

Hope we continue to create memories for years to come.


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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