Oh Magic Wand, My Magic Wand!


Give me a magic wand and I will… well I will be just confused as to what to wish for. There are so many things that I dream of, so many wants, wishes and desires, that for a while I am completely perplexed and just scratch my head. Do I wish for fancier clothes, jewellery, make-up kits, books, CDs, hey no I feel tickets for a world trip will be awesome… no no I love to go for cruises. I still remember that famous cruise scene in Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai where Hrithik Roshan was looking incredibly handsome… How about wishing to set sail on a cruise? Hey I have the magic wand, so why not wish for something more extraordinary… how about a dream date with the oh-so-delicious David Beckham! I feel I must go to Disney Land as well. To be very honest I get really ‘J’ deep down when so many of my friends post their Disney Land pics on FB. I do type out ‘fantastic’ in the comment, but my truest thoughts are ‘fuck you’. Now with my magic wand I can make the world go green with envy.

I am still undecided as to what to wish for. So much to ask for and am still confused. Hey wait, if I can wish for a fab figure like JLo. Wowwwww!!! My life will be completely sorted if I can wear clothes like her. Or do I wish to become the President of America? Just imagine how fascinating will it be to rule over Uncle Sam. It’s like controlling the whole world. My relatives will finally stop ill-mouthing me, am sure of it…

Well, I am so tense right now! WHAT TO WISH FOR? Gosh, this is indeed very taxing. And there are so many other things to worry about and I don’t have the luxury to invest so much time thinking what to wish for with my Magic Wand. Wow, just the thought of a Magic Wand makes me feel like a fairy! Well, to begin with, what if this magic wand relieves me from all my worries? I badly crave for some peace in life, an escapade that will take away all my worries and give me some moments of bliss. It’s been months since I slept sans any tension to wake me up in the middle of the night. Can this magic wand give me back my peace? I wish for no great riches, no dream figure, no fancy locales to visit. I just want my peace. Can I get it?


And, while I am craving for that peace in my life, there is one more thing I wish the magic wand would give me – wings to fly. Long back in the Satyajit Ray movie, Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne, I had seen the protagonists clapping hands and going just anywhere in the world. I loved that idea and wish to fly to any random corner of the world just like a bird. I have often seen huge eagles, flying high above the clouds across a beautiful ashen sky, just before it starts to rain.


How I have wish to be them and reach out to the sky sans any fetters whatsoever. I wish to become Icarus and defy Daedalus’s words and fly higher and higher, even at the risk of being perished. I am tired of playing it safe all the time, tired of being fearful of the admonitions, tired of walking along the road that’s always taken.

Well, my Magic Wand, can you grant me these two wishes? I will be happy and truly madly and deeply so if you can grant me these two. Is there anything else I actually want? Well, I doubt… Yes, there is one thing I wish for from you Magic Wand. Can I get my Father back? My Father like he used to be, hale and hearty and with a lot of authority. Not like he became in the last years of his illness, not like how he left us last year without any intimation, without any inkling. I promise my Magic Wand, I will never be rude to him, never answer him back, never make him wait for me. Ever since he left us, I have been waiting only for him. My dear Magic Wand, can you make this miracle happen?Can you please bring him back? Can you please bring in my life that normalcy back?


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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