Gateway to Heaven

It was one beautiful sunny Saturday morning when I chanced to tread upon this stairway to Heaven. This was a tad broken and quite shabby, but sure it took me to that land of unadulterated joy from which there was no return. The happiness stayed within.

It was close by my home in Powai, in a place called Hiranandani. Mother, the man of the house and I had decided to venture forth in the morning, with the sole intent of giving Tatun, the apple of our eyes, an early morning outing. Even though a pug pup, Tatun is at the end of the day, our very own boss.

On such a beautiful morning, the man of the house showed us a decrepit park that was mostly for dogs, puppies and their owners. A quaint sheltered environ, the garden or the park, in whichever way I describe it, didn’t seem too enticing from a distance. I was, in fact, quite reluctant to enter in the first place.

Though hesitant initially, since Tatun has never ever mingled with members of his own breed, we didn’t let inhibitions get the better of us after numerous assurances from the other dog owners who were chatting, playing, laughing or taking a stroll in this Heaven with 20 to 25 four-legged, furry babies.

I had no clue that a dog park can be such a beautiful place, especially for people for whom doggies are dearer than humans. Pretty and picturesque, this park seemed to me no less exotic than Wordsworth’s famed Lake District itself.  Sans their leash, numerous dogs were playing in the garden with each other without any shackles, without any barriers, without any boundaries.

Tatun was extremely unsocial initially and tried his best to avoid his furry friends. Arrogant and snobbish as he is, he tried to ignore them completely.

Tatun, relentlessly pursued by a Siberian Husky.

But what can my sweetie Tatun do to shoo them away, when 25 other dogs, most of them 50 times his size, came running after him, in their endeavour to just play. No matter how much he turned them away, the gang was not ready to let him be.

Tatun, a tad flabbergasted initially.

They pursued him relentlessly. From Siberian Huskies, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Dachshunds, Great Danes, Boxers, to even German Shepherds, the park had all types and breeds of dogs all around. Even the street dogs mingled with the exotic breeds and were having a gala time on their own.

For a dog lover, can this place be anything short of a paradise? Old, young, small, big, all the dogs were just having a blast. Soon Tatun became a part of their group. He was the only pug breed in that entire gang and seemed a lilliput among the fellow giants.

While returning, this realisation dawned on me that happiness is one element in life, which cannot be purchased. No matter how much we aspire for a more accomplished life, with increased material comforts, still the real pleasures of life can only be actualised through these simple moments, which are truly priceless.


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