Break the monotony of the daily grind – How?

For many of us, life is a series of repeating the same old events. From morning till night we run after things that are essential for our survival but mostly not pleasing for our souls. Many times we do things just because we are attuned to doing them. We don’t know how to do things differently. A few of us try and be rebels in whatever way possible but most of us end up being trampled upon by life itself.

What can we do? At times we just cannot break the vicious circle and move out. Well for those of us who are left with little choice but accept what life offers, these are a few things that can keep the mind happy and relaxed.

Silhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountains

·         It’s kind of a cliché, but counting one’s blessings really helps to keep one happy and relaxed about life. There is always one or two special persons in mostly all our lives. Instead of complaining and cribbing about how shallow and non-dependable the world has become, if we feel blessed about the happiness we get in their presence, we will realise that the world is not such a bad place after all.

·         This is one trick a friend had mentioned to me some time back. Whenever something nice happens, no matter how small it might be, just write it down on a piece of paper and put it inside a glass jar. It might be as simple as a sweet child running up to you and giving you a rose, a cute puppy licking your face, or a stranger offering you an umbrella when you need it the most. Once in 10 days do open those chits and check what you had written over the days. You will feel certainly feel the essence of the statement, ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining’.

·         Travelling has it merits and the truth of this statement has been reinforced over the years by thousands. Even though you are a person who feels that the travails of the entire week are taxing enough not to make any travel plans, push yourself to set out. Each and every journey can be one life-changing experience.

·         Is there something in life you have a flair for? Maybe you like to paint, write poems, sing, dance or something? Or maybe not! You aren’t a person with special talents. Trust me, most of us are not. But that mustn’t stop us from having fun. Sing your heart out even if you are going out of tune, dance like there is no tomorrow. Who cares if it’s not rhythmic enough, nor enticing for others? Doing things just for oneself is comforting at times when our entire life goes away mostly through acts of compulsion.

·         Reliving another life along with your own? How does that sound? Well, reading a book does just that. Books take you to foreign locales, make you get involved in unheard of plots and help you interact with craziest of human beings. At times reading books helps to release tension and look at life overall with more vitality.

·         Some people don’t have the patience to read books. For them good movies can often add that much-needed zing in life.

·         After returning home after a hard day at work, how would you like to receive someone’s unadulterated love and affection? Well, in that case, you can keep a pet at home, mostly a doggy. Saying this from personal experience, dogs can change life once and for all and make life an experience worth living.

Well, life can turn from bad to worse at times, but it’s up to us only to make it good to best from thereon.


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