That unknown, untold, rain-kissed ride


The afternoon had started off nothing out of the ordinary. It was a lazy Sunday and my husband and me were returning after watching a movie at a nearby theatre. And then suddenly like a fairy tale came the rains. It was already time for the monsoons to hit the Bombay shores and luckily for us the rain gods decided to choose that Sunday afternoon for the first downpour of the season.

I was mesmerised by the smell first. When rain drops fell into dry parched earth the tantalising smell got the better of me. Everything around me was suddenly spectacular, soothing and serene. Slowly the small drops turned into big droplets and fast came the rainfall like a torrential downpour. The rains came down from the heaven like an all-encompassing cascade relieving us of all our mortal worries and frustrations.


The dance of the tress with the wind, the happy sways of the branches with an unmatched ebullience had such an unearthly charm that I felt I could spend decades just staring at such exquisitely beautiful environs.

My husband decided to go for a long drive along the Bombay-Pune expressway. This was our personal celebration of the arrival of the monsoons.

Driving along with the other cars, buses and trucks was a resplendent journey very much similar to life. We went ahead of others while some went ahead of us. Isn’t it a true portrayal of life as well? And all along the journey, the incessant rain was our constant mate.


Sometimes the winds blew heavy with the gusts increasing its tempo. At times the force with which the raindrops came hurling down from the skies above seemed a little less forceful. After the scorching heat of the summers, the rains were as precious to us as the gentle drops of manna straight from the heaven above. Yes we had sinned so we faced the ordeal of the heat. However the time for redemption was near and now we were being blessed with the rains.

We had lunch at a quaint eatery far from the madding crowd. As we sat eating our meals while the train of vehicles whooshed past us, it gave us a yogic feeling of detachment and sublime peace. Is this how we would feel if we stop and retire from the rat race of life? How beautiful is the feeling when we cease to prove anything to anybody, while reclining slowly in the lap of nature.

Reluctant though we were it was time to return and trace back the exact same path towards civilization – the urban jungle. The road had taken us to a blissful way ahead where we had no destination in mind. We rather concentrated on the journey and tried to pick out the beautiful nuances of its detailing.

Strangely enough the rains stopped entertaining us on our way back home. It was a strange message from God, (or so we interpreted) that not everything in life can be paradisiacal. The return journey was good enough but there was something that was certainly amiss. The second one seemed deliberately downplayed in order to make the first one a rare and one-of-a-kind experience.

It’s strange how life offers such refreshing moments that invigorate and stimulate us for the tougher challenges ahead.

It’s evening now and I see a shade of grey in the sky above. Time for yet another spell?


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